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Six Strategies To Raise Student Achievement

Six Strategies to Raise Student Achievement

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Introduction by Jack E. Oakes

Jack E. OakesThe problem

    While 857 students dropout of school each hour of the school day, our decision makers debate test scores.  There is a solution for ailing schools, but our country's conversation on school reform does not focus on the real secret to raising achievement in high schools:  STUDENT MOTIVATION!  An award winning educator with 44 years of experience at all levels of education, I have learned successful methods for motivating students to perform at higher levels.  It is my life's mission to share these ideas with people who want to make a positive difference in education.  People like you!

Talking Points for Change!

  • The Start-Up Student
    We can lift our country to new heights by tapping into the immense energy source and potential of our youth.
  • The Identity Culture
    When students come in contact with the community's business representatives and business standards, they begin to identify with positive adult role models. Student motivation increases and as a result student achievement rises.
  • The "New Investment High School"
    A dynamic new design that engages parents and the community in the daily instruction of students.
  • The Formula for Reform
    Four factors that can raise student achievement in America's high schools.
  • Leveraging Learning
    Six forces that activate a high school's Identity Culture and prepares every student to be Achievement Ready upon graduation.
    The culmination of Jack E. Oakes’ experience, research, and passion for Career Education, and the groundbreaking work of Dr. Sidney Marland and Dr. Ken Hoyt.